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Van Koolwijk uses both sound and image, be it analogue or in numerical code, as interchangeable data. He produces visual and acoustic compositions in which both manifestations powerfully interact. His works can often be seen as an attack on the illusion of the medium itself.


seq2 Sequence of stills from FDBCK/AV - Silver (2005)


Delay Line Memory (solo)
sept 11 2021, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL

Recent events:

dec 12 2020, Fotonica Festival Live stream, Rome IT
dec 21 2019, GOLF festival, Haarlem NL
mar 23 2019, Vrooom, Rotterdam NL
mar 22 2019, Perifeer, Deventer NL
jan 17 2018, w serves imperialism, W139, Amsterdam NL

ON / OFF     composition for 4 strobes
The piece is an exploration of our digital environment, broken down into its binary components and revealing its rhythmical features.
Welcome to the world of logic gates and Boolean algebra, in which anything is either true or false.
apr 14 2019, The Guesthouse, Cork IE
sep 6 2018, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL
jun 22 2018, Klankvorm #6, Pink Pank, Rotterdam NL
apr 15 2017, The Warp, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam NL

_38 Untitled (2010)