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The sounds being generated with this instrument are visualised as blocks of pixels. As these enter the 2-dimensional delay line they reveal patterns that are not always recognisable through hearing alone.
Performed solo or extended with drums.

live performances:
sep 11 2021, Van Koolwijk solo, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL
nov 2 2016, with Gert-Jan Prins (drums), InScience Festival, LUX, Nijmegen NL
sep 9 2016, Van Koolwijk solo, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL
apr 6 2016, with Gert-Jan Prins (drums), Semaine Digital, Bordeaux FR
feb 11 2016, Van Koolwijk solo, TEC-ART, WORM, Rotterdam NL
oct 8 2015, with Gert-Jan Prins (drums), RIXC Festival, Spikeri Concert Hall, Riga LV
feb 26 2015, with Gert-Jan Prins (drums), Sonic Acts, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam NL
jan 24 2015, with Onno Govaert (drums), Mind The Gap Nights/IFFR, WORM, Rotterdam NL
sep 11 2014, Van Koolwijk solo, GOGBOT Festival, Atak, Enschede NL


DLM at RIXC Festival, Spikeri Concert Hall, Riga LV


DLM at Sonic Acts, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam NL

Since the early years of video art, works have been made which do not produce a standard TV signal waveform and therefore cannot be directly recorded or projected with current equipment.
For SYNCHRONATOR, Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins have created their own hardware to overcome these limitations.
Their SYNCHRONATOR device transforms audio into a composite video signal, compatible with all video equipment supporting composite video input.

SYNCHRONATOR is a dual screen performance of which a first try-out was presented on June 3 2006.
Since then it was performed at venues and festivals such as: Avanto [Helsinki], Melkweg [Amsterdam], Club Transmediale [Berlin], Donau Festival [Krems].

Additionally a SYNCHRONATOR orchestra was formed in 2012 with participation of: Justin Bennett, Robin Fox, Jérôme Noetinger, Billy Roisz, Tina Frank, Bas van Koolwijk, Gert-Jan Prins.


live performances:
oct 30 2021, Klankvorm, AVL Mundo, Rotterdam NL
dec 12 2020, Fotonica Festival Live stream, Rome IT
dec 21 2019, GOLF festival, Haarlem NL
mar 23 2019, Vrooom, Rotterdam NL
mar 22 2019, Perifeer, Deventer NL
jan 17 2018, w serves imperialism, W139, Amsterdam NL
feb 22 2013, Synchronator Orchestra, Sonic Acts, Paradiso, Amsterdam NL
feb 17 2013, La Casa Encendida, Madrid ES
nov 17 2012, Visionsonic, Mains d'Œuvres, Paris FR
oct 12 2012, Synchronator Orchestra, Kontraste, Krems AT
feb 12 2011, Intro In Situ, Maastricht NL
dec 22 2010, Sensxperiment, Filmoteca de Andalucía, Córdoba ES
dec 21 2010, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Valencia ES
dec 20 2010, L'ull Cec, Nivell Zero/Fundació Suñol, Barcelona ES
nov 6 2010, LAMPO/Graham foundation, Madlener House, Chicago IL USA
sep 11 2010, Impakt Open Air, Utrecht NL
apr 24 2010, European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck DE
mar 26 2010, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam NL
dec 10 2009, Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven NL
nov 28 2009, Cimatics, Brussels BE
nov 27 2009, Studio LOOS, Den Haag NL
nov 20 2009, WORM, Rotterdam NL
nov 10 2009, Launch of the SYNCHRONATOR device, NIMk, Amsterdam NL
nov 7 2009, LAB30, Augsburg DE
oct 16 2009, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, Trondheim NO
oct 9 2009, Almost Cinema, De Vooruit, Gent BE
jun 28 2009, Musica Genera Festival, Warsaw PL
apr 24 2009, Woodstreet Gallery, Pittsburgh PA, USA
nov 29 2008, RomaEuropa Festival, Brancaleone, Rome IT
may 9 2008, Elektra, Usine C, Montreal CA
dec 6 2007, de Effenaar, Eindhoven NL
dec 2 2007, Total Meeting Festival, Tours FR
dec 1 2007, Cable #14, Pol'N, Nantes FR
nov 29 2007, Instants Chavirés, Paris FR
nov 28 2007, MediaRuimte, Brussels BE
sep 22 2007, Today's Art, Filmhuis, Den Haag NL
may 3 2007, Fragment, Les Trinitaires, Metz FR
apr 30 2007, Donau Festival, Krems AT
jan 29 2007, Club Transmediale, MAO, Berlin DE
dec 18 2006, Upgrade!, Melkweg, Amsterdam NL
nov 18 2006, Avanto, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki FI
jun 3 2006, Impakt SYNCHRONATOR event, zaal Moira, Utrecht NL

A composition for four strobes.
The piece is an exploration of our digital environment, broken down into its binary components and revealing its rhythmical features.
live performances:
apr 14 2019, The Guesthouse, Cork IE
sep 6 2018, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL
jun 22 2018, Klankvorm #6, Pink Pank, Rotterdam NL
apr 15 2017, The Warp, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam NL

Solo live performance in which Van Koolwijk generates a feedback control circuit between the audio and the video signals, making audio and video become two facets of a self-sustaining data stream. External control is established by manipulation of parameters for the interpretation of image>sound and sound>image. The application with which this is done, makes no use of camera or movie input. All sound and image data are generated real-time within the feedback system using digital video basics.

Over the years, the software was improved and adapted many times.
In 2013 a version was created especially for projection within the domes of the Sphaerae project.

Previous FDBCK/AV performances include Mutek 05 [Montréal], Club Transmediale [Berlin], Garage Festival [Stralsund] and Videologia [Moscow, Volgograd]


live performances:
jan 17 2018, w serves imperialism, W139, Amsterdam NL
sep 12 2014, Sphaerae, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL
dec 17 2013, LIMA, Amsterdam NL
sep 27 2013, Sphaerae, Today's Art, The Hague NL
sep 7 2013, Sphaerae, Ars Electronica, Linz AT
nov 13 2007, Cine Fantom Club, Moscow RU
nov 8 & 10 2007, Videologia, Volgograd RU
nov 23 2006, Sound & Image, Filmhuis, Den Haag NL
sep 14 2006, GOGBOT festival, Enschede NL
sep 8 2006, State of the Image, Arnhem NL
aug 25 2006, WAVES, RIXC, Riga LV
jan 20 2006, Live Cinema, Extrapool, Nijmegen NL
jan 19 2006, Live Cinema, tag, Den Haag NL
jan 18 2006, Live Cinema, Klub Koe, Den Bosch NL
jan 17 2006, Live Cinema, WORM, Rotterdam NL
jan 16 2006, Live Cinema, OT 301, Amsterdam NL
jul 14 2005, Five Days Off/techno², Montevideo, Amsterdam NL
jun 2 2005, Mutek 05, X-Centris, Montréal CA
apr 24 2005, Xfilm Festival, Black Box, Sofia BG
feb 8 2005, Club Transmediale, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin DE
sep 2004, Re:visie/Netherlands Film Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL
aug 5 2004, Garage Festival, Stralsund DE
nov 15 2003, Tivoli-de Helling, Utrecht NL

The stereoscopic variation of the FDBCK/AV live performance.
Seen through anaglyph glasses, the illusion on depth is added to the otherwise two dimensional projection. FDBCK/AV 3D comes with quadraphonic sound.

live performances:
nov 20 2010, MFRU, Kino Udarnik, Maribor SI
nov 8 2008, International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Winterthur CH
sep 13 2008, Rumor Festival, Theater Kikker, Utrecht NL
nov 23 2007, STRP festival, Eindhoven NL
jun 1 2007, (in)visible sounds, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam NL
may 27 2007, Camera Lucida DVD release, Melkweg, Amsterdam NL

The short and loud brother in the family of FDBCK/AV live sets. RF stands for 'Red Flag'.
Flagging or flagwaving is a video term refering to the sideways pulling and fluttering seen at the top of a TV picture caused by a skew misadjustment or some other tape tension error. Although the flagging in this work is of a digital nature entirely, its logic is based on these analogue video characteristics.
As a single screen video, 'FDBCK/AV - Red Flag' was released in october 2005.


live performances:
aug 30 2008, Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam NL
dec 15 2007, State X New Forms, het Paard, Den Haag NL
oct 12 2007, Local Stop Concerts, Steim, Amsterdam NL
mar 12 2007, DNK Afregelsalon III, OT 301, Amsterdam NL

The electronic audio-visual trio SKIF++ is a collaboration of Jeff Carey, Robert van Heumen and Bas van Koolwijk. The SKIF++ sound ranges from sonic bursts to melodic melancholy and back, using joysticks and selfmade controllers to keep it all in line (most of the time). All compositions and performances are improvised, but based on structures that give each piece its distinct character.


live performances:
oct 5 2011, Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln DE
oct 1 2011, Frischzelle Festival, K12, Düsseldorf DE
may 25 2010, Multiplace Festival, Bratislava SK
oct 7 2007, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, USA
oct 5 2007, Pixilerations Festival, Providence RI, USA
oct 4 2007, ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY, USA
oct 3 2007, ffmup, Princeton NJ, USA
sep 23 2007, Modulate, Birmingham UK
sep 18 2007, SuperCollider Symposium, Steim, Amsterdam NL
dec 12 2006, Cinematiek #14, 't Hoogt, Utrecht NL
nov 22 2006, Paradox, Tilburg NL
nov 9 2006, LUISTEREN!, Theater Kikker, Utrecht NL
oct 15 2006, St. John's Church, Baltimore MD, USA
oct 14 2006, The Red Room, Baltimore MD, USA
oct 13 2006, Diapason Gallery, New York NY, USA
oct 12 2006, The Tank, New York NY, USA
oct 10 2006, Flywheel, Easthampton MA, USA
oct 6 2006, Sonic Circuits, Washington DC, USA
apr 4 2006, )toon) festival, Toneelschuur, Haarlem NL
apr 3 2006, Steim concerts, Theater Frascati, Amsterdam NL
nov 26 2005, TAC, Eindhoven NL
nov 23 2005, Local Stop Concerts, Steim, Amsterdam NL
nov 8 2005, Theater Kikker, Utrecht NL
oct 24 2005, Kraakgeluiden, OT 301, Amsterdam NL

The live performance RGB is based on the video channels red, green and blue. By direct transposition of the video signal to audio, Bas van Koolwijk creates a real time soundtrack using colour fields only. The sound environment is completed by Christian Toonk. Toonk uses audio feedback derived from amplified internal computer processes.


live performances:
Jan 9 2006, Kraakgeluiden, OT301, Amsterdam NL
Nov 15 2005, Break 2.3, Ljubljana SI
Aug 5 2005, Le Placard/Garage, Stralsund DE
May 21 2005, Dissonanze Festival, Rome IT
Mar 2 2005, Expodium Gallery, Utrecht NL
Jan 29 2005, Netmage Festival, Theatro Manzoni, Bologna IT
Dec 14 2004, 'Stop Dancing, Start Looking', 't Hoogt, Utrecht NL
Mar 7 2004, Umatic event at Club Moira, Utrecht NL

Other live performances & collaborations: