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AGENESIS   dmx application     apr 2019
DMX software application for the AGENESIS project, a live performance by Robert Curgenven and Kat McDowall.
LED lights driven directly by the sound create a head-wrecking synaesthetic experience with the spontaneous production of colours and patterns which may or may not be there.

SYNCHRONATOR HD   video     oct 2018
An online video made with the latest SYNCHRONATOR audio to video device.
The device is available via or

Automatone     apr 2018
The first phase of this project involves the development of a software application with which a soundtrack can be generated for various film or video materials. The software does this by analysing multiple facets of the visual material and sonification of the acquired data.
By algorithmically processing data that is obtained by analysis of the footage, a complexity can be achieved exceeding that which can be accomplished with conventional routines.
Eventually the application will be used to produce compositions in image and sound.
Inspirations for this project are the cybernetic instruments used for the soundtrack of Forbidden Planet (1956) and graphical sound films of the 20th century.

Assorted algorithms
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SYNCHRONATOR HD   audio-to-video     jan 2018
The SYNCHRONATOR HD is the latest addition to the SYNCHRONATOR audio visualizer devices.
The device has 3 audio inputs and one video out and adds video sync pulses to your audio, effectively disguising the input as a video signal.
The output signal is HDMI with a resolution of 720p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The device is available via or

ON / OFF     apr 2017
ON / OFF is a composition for four strobes.
The piece is an exploration of our digital environment, broken down into its binary components and revealing its rhythmical features.
Welcome to the world of logic gates and Boolean algebra, in which anything is either true or false.

apr 14 2019, The Guesthouse, Cork IE
sep 6 2018, GOGBOT Festival, Enschede NL
jun 22 2018, Klankvorm #6, Pink Pank, Rotterdam NL
apr 15 2017, The Warp, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam NL

Delay Line Memory    3 new demos     dec 2016
DLM is a fully improvised audio-visual interplay between man and machine, in an attempt to find a common language in electronic sound, rhythm and colour.

Electronics & visuals: Bas van Koolwijk, drums: Gert-Jan Prins.

Sounds of the Space Age     may 2016
A lecture about the resourcefulness of space age technology and a presentation of related audio-visual works for the SYNERGETICA Art Science Salon.
may 14 2016, Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam NL

Mole-Rat   audio device     sep 2015
The Mole-Rat is an EMF audio device that allows you to explore the electromagnetic fields in your direct surroundings. The device is available via

Black Square Projector   installation     jun 2015
A handmade projector that is fully programmed for one task only.
At regular intervals, the device projects a bright white square, the negative afterimage of which is revealed in its wake for a brief moment in time, and as such only in the mind.
Creating a black square with the absence of light, the installation is ON when OFF.

Presented at the Black² exhibition at Project Ground Moscow, Jul-Aug 2015.
Works by Julia Borovaya & Eduard Rachmanov, John Cage, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Vladimir Grafov, Edwin van der Heide, Bas van Koolwijk, Labofactory, Gert-Jan Prins, Frederik de Wilde.