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SYNCHRONATOR   device     nov 2009
The SYNCHRONATOR device transforms your audio into a composite video signal, compatible with all video equipment supporting composite video input.
With 3 audio inputs and 1 video out, the SYNCHRONATOR device enables you to visualize your sounds on each of the primary color channels of the video signal. It adds video sync pulses and color coding signals to your audio, effectively disguising the input as a composite video signal. The device is powered with a 6V adapter and features a color/b&w switch as its only on-board controller. Other manipulations are done solely with the audio input.
The device was officially released on November 10 2010, at the Netherlands Institute for Media Arts.
The first edition of the SYNCHRONATOR device was limited to 100 numbered units, which were sold out by october 2010.
It was shipped in a box with DVD, manual, 6V adapter (european only) and composite video cable.


SYNCHRONATOR   manual     oct 2009
A manual to accompany the release of the SYNCHRONATOR device.


SYNCHRONATOR   DVD     jul 2009
The first SYNCHRONATOR DVD was released on the Cavity label in july 2009.
Included are the 2006 SYNCHRONATOR video and nine new tracks. Original recordings were produced with the SYNCHRONATOR device for PAL video by Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins.
Although especially adapted versions of all tracks are included for flat screen monitor, to properly experience the DVD it should be viewed on a CRT television monitor.
The release has been made possible thanks to our individual support from Fonds BKVB and Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten.

Unshielded 4:08
Chromatizer 2:18
SWP Continuum 3:28
Kleur 2:24
Motoic 3:46
Bifilar SD 3:08
Glibtube 1:24
Untitled 16 5:45
50Hz Variations 4:01

Sonolevitation 3D     may 2009
Installation for the projection of stereoscopic video by means of polarized light.
Made especially for the Sonolevitation project by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.
Presented at the 30th anniversary of the Netherlands Media Art Institute, May 2009.

FDBCK/AV   installation     jun 2008
jun 12 - 29 2008, FDBCK/AV installation, 'De Nieuwe Salon' exhibition, Utrecht NL


10K PFFA   interface     apr 2008
Software application for the conversion of visual to audible data for the project '10.000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid' by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.
Laser light is used to scan the ever-shifting surfaces of nucleating and dissipating soap bubble clusters. When refracted at specific angles, this penetrating light generates a reticulate, large-scale projection of normally invisible salty acid formations, and exposes their underlying electro-chemical forces.
Through analysis of the projected shapes and movements by use of video digitisation, the visual information is transposed to audio in order to create a realtime soundtrack.
Live tryouts:

2008 Elektra Festival, Usine C, Montreal CA
Medialab, Tetem II, Enschede NL

FDBCK/AV 3D     may 2007
The stereoscopic adaptation of the live performance FDBCK/AV.
A FDBCK/AV 3D single screen video production with 5.1 surround sound will soon be released for the Optofonica project.

2008 International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Winterthur CH
Rumor Festival, Theater Kikker, Utrecht NL
2007 STRP festival, Eindhoven NL
Netherlands Institute for Media Arts, Amsterdam NL [tryout]
Melkweg, Amsterdam NL [tryout]

FDBCK/AV   exhibition     feb-mar 2007
A solo exhibition including several audio-visual feedback based works at Nieuwe Vide Art Space in Haarlem NL.
Next to an installation with 18 CRTs, the show included projections of high-res versions of the FDBCK/AV videos 'Red Flag', 'Silver' and the SYNCHRONATOR video.
The exhibition ran from February 25 - March 18 2007.


SYNCHRONATOR   Tesla residency     jan-feb 2007
Invited by Tesla, the Berlin laboratory for media arts, Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins continued work on their SYNCHRONATOR project during a residency in Berlin DE.
Open studio evenings were organised by Tesla on the weekend of the Transmediale festival and a SYNCHRONATOR performance took place as part of the Club Transmediale 2007.

YOKOMONO/VIDEO     oct 2006
A video component for their YOKOMONO performances was developed with Staalplaat Soundsystem.
For the first two concerts, onboard cameras and video transmitters were used. In the second stage of the project an openGL visualisation of the 'empty grooves' audio output was developed.

2006 Sensoralia/Romaeuropa festival, Rome IT
Re:Visie/Dutch Film Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL
Steim, Amsterdam NL

SKIF++   audio-to-video interface     sep 2006
Before the start of an American tour, a new software application for realtime visualisation.
The application is based on the 1974 Rutt/Etra scan processor.

SYNCHRONATOR   video     aug 2006
The first video release of the SYNCHRONATOR project.
Video & audio by Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins.
Selected screenings:

2016 Werkleitz Festival, Halle DE
2013 Visual music from the Netherlands, EYE filmmuseum, Amsterdam NL
2010 VIDEOEX Experimentalfilm & Video Festival, Zürich CH
2009 Re:visie/Nederlands Filmfestival, Utrecht NL
Woodstreet Gallery, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Ankara International Film Festival, Ankara TR
2008 AVRO Kunstuur, AVRO Television NL
Visual Sounds on Film, Koeln DE
Australian Cinematheque/Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane AU
Museum of Modern Art-Kino Lab, Warsaw PL
Waves - The Art of the Electromagnetic Society, Dortmund DE
2007 LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon ES
Independent Film Show, Napoli IT
Optical Sensation, Filmreakter, Luxembourg LU
'Nederclips', Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch NL
Galerie Olaf Stuber, Berlin DE
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück DE
Experimental Intermedia, New York NY, USA
DNK Afregelsalon III, OT 301, Amsterdam NL
Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina SK, CAN
FDBCK/AV exhibition, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem NL
2006 'Welcome Back, Mister Paik!', MuHKA_media/Monty, Antwerpen BE
Impakt Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL

SYNCHRONATOR   'Impakt Works' residency     apr-jun 2006
Since the early years of video art, works have been made which do not actually produce a standard TV signal waveform and therefore cannot be directly recorded. Some are based primarily upon magnetic distortion of the normal TV scan pattern, others utilise a Cathode Ray Tube as if it were an oscilloscope screen.
SYNCHRONATOR is a video and audio research project by Gert-Jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk in an attempt to make use of the characteristic visual qualities of such techniques, whilst tackling the problems concerning recordability of the signal with a combination of current digital and analogue means. Visit for more information.
Part of the project is a dual screen performance of which a first try out was presented on June 3 2006, during an evening filled with hardware oriented audiovisual arts. Works by the Vasulkas, reMI, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand in collaboration with Asmus Tietchens, were included in the programme.
A video production as part of the SYNCHRONATOR project will be released in August 2006.
The project was commissioned by Impakt and was being developed as part of an 'Impakt Works' residency.


As part of the Impakt residency, a three-day workshop about developing an AV performance.
Analogue and digital techniques were examined to create a direct interaction between image and sound. The working method was mainly practical. Facets such as the use of interfaces, videotronics, video/audio software and improvisation in electronic music were examined.
Your instructors: Gert-Jan Prins, Bas van Koolwijk and Karl Klomp.
may 30 - june 1 2006

FDBCK/AV - Silver 3D     mar 2006
A stereographic version of the video 'FDBCK/AV - Silver'. Viewed with anaglyph red/cyan glasses, the illusion of depth is added to the otherwise two dimensional video pictures. This version is part of the Staalplaat Soundsystem installation 'The Ultrasound of Therapy'.

2006 I.D.E.A.L. Festival, Nantes FR

Vertical Helical Scan I     jan 2006
The video describes the gradual decomposition of the video signal on VHS tape when repetitively copied. With every generation, the analogue information looses quality. Some parts of it disappear, other information is spontaneously added by the equipment. Eventually the signal is rendered unreadable as it gets dissolved into the medium.
A 'homage' to the Video Home System. Commissioned by Planetart

baroch     jan 2006
A collaborative audio project with Christian Toonk and Ronald Nijhof. Electronic improvisations performed over Nijhof's speaker-like sculptures.
First performance:
January 29 2006, Vishal, Haarlem NL

FDBCK/AV - Silver     nov 2005
An abstract video in the series FDBCK/AV.
FDBCK/AV - Silver was released on the Sonic Acts XI DVD.
Selected screenings & exhibitions:

2007 ColorField Variations, Cimatics Festival, Brussels BE
ColorField Variations, Laptopia #4, Tel Aviv IL
ColorField Variations, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY, USA
ColorField Remix, G Fine Art, Washington DC, USA
ColorField Remix, Ellipse Art Center, Arlington VA, USA
ColorField Remix, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA
FDBCK/AV exhibition, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem NL
2006 Leids Film Festival, Scheltema, Leiden NL
N-event, Diapason Gallery, New York NY, USA
Re:visie/Nederlands Film Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL
)toon) festival, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem NL
Sonic Acts XI, Paradiso, Amsterdam NL

FDBCK/AV - Red Flag     oct 2005
Red Flag is an abstract video, produced with software applications that were developed for the live performance FDBCK/AV. The 'flagging' seen in this video is of a digital nature entirely, but its logic is based on analogue video processing. The same logic applies to the computations by which FDBCK/AV creates a feedback control circuit between audio and video signals. Behind its technical appearance, the video addresses the issue of aesthetic contemplation of form versus the more worldly agenda of utility and politics.
Selected screenings & exhibitions:

2016 LIMA, Amsterdam NL
2014 Dortyard, Dordrecht NL
2008 'Un Festival, c'est trop court', Nice FR
2007 Exground Filmfestival, Wiesbaden DE
REHEAT - Utopie und Sommer, Nickelsdorf AT
Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych (BWA), Zielona Gra PL
'(in)visible sounds' exhibition, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam NL
Festival Rencontres Paris Berlin Madrid, Madrid ES
Kill Your Timid Notion Festival, Dundee UK
Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Lille FR
FDBCK/AV exhibition, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem NL
Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart DE
2006 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Paris FR
Alter-Native International Short Film Festival, Targu-Mures RO
Holland Animation Filmfestival, Utrecht NL
Exis Festival, Seoul KR
Waterpieces Video Festival, Riga LV
Impakt Event, zaal Moira, Utrecht NL
Dissonanze Festival, Rome IT
European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck DE
Courtisane Festival, Vooruit, Gent BE
Cinematiek #11, cinema 't Hoogt, Utrecht NL
50% Beeld, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam NL
Artefact Festival, STUK, Leuven BE
Montevideo presentation, Kunsthochschule fur Medien, Koln DE
2005 Impakt, cinema 't Hoogt, Utrecht NL

db     oct 2005
Performance for 2 double bass players, real time sound processing and sound reactive video. With Wojciech Kosma, Michal Skiba and Duszan Korczakowski. Commissioned by Unsound festival 2005, Krakow, Poland.

COLORTRON     may 2005
The second audio cd release of the RGB project. Subtle frequency modulations create a field of suspense and blur the actual time span. Colortron is based on improvisations with the audiovisual live performance RGB. With Christian Toonk.

desktopjam     apr 2005
Ronald Nijhof, Christian Toonk and Bas van Koolwijk expose their individual inspirations, recent projects and experiments in three simultaneous desktop presentations. Improvisation and association are the means by which the presentations are structured. The aim is to fuse the separate contributions into a collective triptych.
August 4 2005, Garage Festival, Stralsund DE
April 5 2005, Fabrikaat, Artis Gallery, 's-Hertogenbosch NL

RGB audio     jan 2005
The first audio-cd release of RGB including three tracks based on improvisations with the audiovisual live performance RGB. Sounds derived from properties of the PAL video signal.
A limited number of 50 cd's were produced.

RGB Improv_1&2     jan 2005
Two short videos resulting from the live performance RGB.
Improv_1 was presented as an installation during the exhibition 'Utrecht Uploaded' at Expodium Gallery in Utrecht, from February 12 to March 13 2005. Improv_2 was released as one of the titles on the 'Netmage 05' compilation DVD.

FIVE²    oct 2004
FIVE² is an adaptation for two screens of the video production FIVE.
The installation was commissioned by Stichting 'De School' for the Tschumi Pavilion at Hereplein in Groningen and was on show for the whole of November 2004.

UBIK    sep 2004
Installation responsive to a monumental building. Synchronised sound, smoke and light neutralise a historical space. Inspired by Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik' [1969]. With Christian Toonk and Ronald Nijhof for the SKOL 2004 exhibition in Utrecht.

Urban[ISM]     jun 2004
An installation for the Impakt event and exhibition 'Yarning Utrecht' at the BAK Gallery in Utrecht. Urban[ism] was a collaboration with Christian Toonk and Ryan Parteka.
As people travel through space, points between destinations are often neglected. In their multi-channel audio and video installation, Umatic members have transferred this in between volume of the urban space to the gallery space. Nestled between two walls is a space for one to consider what lay in between.

Maps~ / Psychonavigators     jun 2004
Maps~ is a video application for a collaborative performance that came about after a conjunction of ideas for the Impakt event 'Yarning Utrecht'.
Simular to roadmaps being abstractions of the world as we percieve it, soundscapes reflect a view of the space around us. The intricate use of layering in both the video and the audio of this project, makes image and sound seamlessly connect.
Performed at BAK Gallery, June 18 2004, with Derek Holzer and Christian Toonk.

European Data Cup   mar 2004
Presentation about a generative parasite project turning the European Football Championships into an electronic music generator. With Christian Toonk and Ronald Nijhof.
Presented at BAK Gallery, Utrecht.

RGB   mar 2004
The live performance RGB is based on the video channels red, green and blue. By direct transposition of the video signal to audio, Bas van Koolwijk creates a real time soundtrack using colour fields only. The sound environment is completed by Christian Toonk. Toonk uses audio feedback derived from amplified internal computer processes.
RGB is a minimal technoid environment, built up using the basics of video signal with sound.


January 9 2006, Kraakgeluiden, OT301, Amsterdam NL
November 15 2005, Break 2.3, Ljubljana SI
August 5 2005, Le Placard/Garage, Stralsund DE
May 21 2005, Dissonanze Festival, Rome IT
March 2 2005, Expodium Gallery, Utrecht NL
January 29 2005, Netmage Festival, Theatro Manzoni, Bologna IT
December 14 2004, 'Stop Dancing, Start Looking', 't Hoogt, Utrecht NL
March 7 2004, Umatic event at Club Moira, Utrecht NL

OZONE   sep 2003
An installation exploring the shifting tide of signals, frequencies and codes passing through our bodies every day. The installation is based around a four-channel, generative digital video, displayed on four television sets. Four 100m loops of copper wire serve as antennas, receiving the Very Low Frequencies [VLF] emitted by the television tubes. The resulting signals are converted into digital audio, which is returned to further influence the video, creating a self-sustaining feedback loop.
Ozone is a collaboration with Derek Holzer, following a residence at Medienturm, Graz.
Presented during the 'Steirische Herbst' Art Festival in Graz, Austria [september/october 2003], the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück, Germany [april/may 2004] and the WAVES exhibition in Riga LV [aug/sep 2006]


PETLAB   may 2003
An installation with living animals, and the use of color- and motion detection for gathering data with which audio and video are produced in real-time. With Christian Toonk and Ronald Nijhof. Presented at the Academiegalerie in Utrecht, may/june 2003.

FIVE   sep 2002
Part of a series of abstract video compositions, compiled of digitaly remodelled video disturbances.
Using the basics of the signal's function, an audio translation of the video signal serves as a soundtrack for these works.

Selected screenings:

LMR [audio   oct 2001
3-channel video installation
Commissioned by the Melkweg in Amsterdam, exhibited nov 2001

Hardcore REWIND   nov 2000
Video/audio installation
Hardcore Lounge #3 - Rotterdam

TST 04   sep 2000
Part of a series of abstract video compositions, compiled of digitaly remodelled video disturbances.
Using the basics of the signal's function, an audio translation of the video signal serves as a soundtrack for these works.
[distribution by Montevideo/TBA, Amsterdam]
Selected screenings:

2005 '30 years Dutch Video Art', St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekatharinenburg RU
2004 Exhibition 'GOGBOT', Planetart, Enschede NL
Exhibition 'Feel', Mediateque Art Centre Z33, Hasselt BE
2003 Transmediale in Bogota CO
Maths in Motion, Sixpackfilm, Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna AT
DGV, Cinerama, Rotterdam NL
2002 PEK Festival, Filmhuis, Den Haag NL
12 Jahre Sixpackfilm, Õsterreichisches Filmmuseum Wien, Vienna AT
Gam Video Festival, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Torino IT
MUTEK Festival, X-Centris Cinema, Montréal QC, CAN
COURTisane Filmfestival, Gent BE
Chicago Filmmakers, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL, USA
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor MI, USA
Transmediale, International Media Art Festival, Berlin DE
2001 AVANTO Festival, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki FI
IMPAKT Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL
Trans 004, The Chopin Theatre, Chicago IL, USA
Cinema Digitaal/Holland Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam NL
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck DE
Pandæmonium 2001, The Lux Centre, London UK

TST 03    may 2000
Part of a series of abstract video compositions
Selected screenings:

Planetart Exhibition, Galerij Romein, Leeuwarden NL
VIPER festival for film, video and new media, Basel CH

TST 02   apr 2000
Part of a series of abstract video compositions
[distribution by Montevideo/TBA, Amsterdam]
Selected screenings:

2006 'Good Vibrations', Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, Eindhoven NL
2005 Island Art Film & Video Festival, London UK
2004 Exhibition 'Feel', Mediateque Art Centre Z33, Hasselt BE
2003 Rencontres Paris/Berlin, Berlin DE
2002 PEK Festival, Filmhuis, Den Haag NL
Page 3ree, Urban Mag Festival, Kaaitheater, Brussels BE
Fractures, MUTEK Festival, X-Centris Cinema, Montréal QC, CAN
Fractures, Available Light Collective, Ottawa ON, CAN
Chicago Filmmakers, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL, USA
2001 Video Marathon, [KSA:K] Center for Contemporary Art, Khishinev MD
AVANTO Video Festival, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki FI
30th Anniversary of Videographe, Montréal QC, CAN
IMPAKT Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL
Trans 004, The Chopin Theatre, Chicago IL, USA
Cinema Digitaal/Holland Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam NL
I Love Art Video, Le-Maillon, Strasbourg FR
Pandæmonium 2001, The Lux Centre, London UK
2000 VIPER festival for film, video and new media, Basel CH

CONNECTING   may 1999
Video/audio installation for exhibition 'Connecting', Internationales Festival 'Musik+Film+Musik', Minoriten galerie, Graz AT